Squidspot Services

What DO We Offer?

Creativity, humor, ninja skills, good looks and we can draw pretty well, too. Oh yeah, and we have extensive Flash, Photoshop, HTML and CSS web development experience. We can also make some kick-butt logos and promotional materials. If you have an idea, throw it at us; Squidspot will work with you to make all your wildest dreams come true. Don't have an idea? Let us know and we'll try to help.




What DON'T We Offer?

Animated .gifs, backgrounds covering the full color spectrum range, condescending overtones, dumb remarks, emotional poetry, framed pages, God-awful designs, freight shipping, impossible deadlines, jacked-up code, kitten- juggling, limited resources, more work for less $$, nudie photos, obstinate attitudes, photography (other than digital), quiet hours, rhetorical questions, silly one-liners, time to spare, "under-the-weather" excuses, videography, warranted screaming, xenophobia, yard sales and zebra-striped jumpsuits.